Are we dreaming? Is Nigeria, a country that can barely power a brick game really looking to ban generators?

Nigeria senate bans generators

I mean, first they took our chicken, we didn’t talk – meat dey. Then they took our kekes and okadas, we talked a little, but we moved still. But now, they want to take away the one thing that made this no-light having, border closing, keke kidnapping, government tolerable? Who’s in charge of this simulation, we want to see your boss!

Who Thought Nigeria Banning Generators Was A Good Idea?

Nigeria senate bans generators

The bill to ban the importation, sale and purchase of generator sets – Generating Set (Prohibition/Ban) Bill 2020 was sponsored by no other than Senator Muhammad Enagi Bima (APC) of Niger South.

We don’t know if his automatic generating sets or perhaps his solar-powered home has confused him into thinking, like him, most Nigerians enjoy 24-hour electricity, but somebody please tell him this isn’t the case.

Also, if you have Senator Bima’s voodoo doll by any chance, please tickle him aggressively on his back where his hands can’t reach? The punishment might not fit the crime, but it’s a start.

Nigeria bans generators

Why is the Nigerian Senate proposing a generator ban?

Nigeria generator ban

See, if you can answer this, we’ll give you 7,500 pounded yam.

Officially, the ban is to help curb the environmental pollution Nigeria is guilty of. This would make sense if :

a. Nigeria had constant power, so people wouldn’t need generator sets in the first place.

b. Nigeria didn’t impose strict fees on environmentally-friendly electricity alternatives like solar power.

c. Nigeria wasn’t complacent AF with curbing real and constant environmental menaces like gas flaring.

So for the real answer, you’ll have to wait for it to reveal itself, because …

Nigeria bans generators

Will Nigeria’s generator ban affect everyone?

Nigeria generator ban

Yes, it will. The proposed Nigeria generator ban is targeted towards every citizen, and ‘all persons are hereby directed to stop the use of electricity generating sets which run on diesel, petrol and kerosene of all capacities with immediate effect.

Hold up, the generator ban affects everyone, everyone? Hospitals too?

Nigeria generator ban

Well, the bill has provided some exceptions, and this includes people that provide essential services. So we have hospitals, universities, that kind of thing.

However, it allows for an application to be excluded from the ban. This exclusion application must be made to the Minister of Power who must tender exclusions before the Federal Executive Council quarterly.

Gee, I sure do hope people with access to the government don’t abuse this exclusion clause

Nigeria generator ban

Anyway, there you have it. The Nigerian senate doesn’t think Nigerians have it hard enough, and are doing their darndest to make things even worse. What was that you said?

nigeria generator ban


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