In the not-so-distant past, Nigerians relied heavily on radio, TV, and newspapers to stay informed about politics. 

Debates happened primarily at newspaper stands. These debates, specifically during elections, are always intense, with voters rooting for their candidates. 

However, with the advent of the internet and the surge in social media usage, the media landscape in Nigeria has undergone a transformative shift. 

Today, we can all agree, to some extent, that Nigerian voters are more connected and informed than ever before. But along with this increased connectivity comes the challenge of combating fake news and propaganda that threatens the integrity of the electoral process.

Social media has transformed how Nigerians consume news, granting instant access to information and real-time updates. It has become the primary news source, allowing citizens to engage in political conversations and access diverse perspectives, including those of political influencers. However, this influence raises concerns about biased information and misinformation.

But as young people, we must learn to use social media for our own good. For example, The Occupy Nigeria and #EndSARS protests showed us the power of social media to mobilise citizens and have since been instrumental in raising awareness about politics and government policies. This is also the core of our work here at Citizen, to help you easily understand politics, policy, and governance—and take action!

Admittedly, social media’s impact is not without challenges, as the spread of misinformation witnessed during the 2023 general elections weakened the integrity of the electoral process. With technological innovations and advancements in the use of artificial intelligence, the fight to stop “fake news” peddling is up for a new level of challenge—and we can see it already. On social media, the battle is not over.

We can also see how social media remains a vital tool for candidates and voters, enabling connections, mobilisation, and informed decision-making. It also empowers stakeholders like us to educate voters, address concerns, and ensure election transparency in every way possible. 

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As Nigeria moves forward from the 2023 election, combating misinformation, promoting media literacy, and utilising resources like the Citizen Election Report will be crucial for safeguarding the integrity of elections and ensuring an informed electorate. 

By harnessing the power of social media responsibly, Nigerians, specifically young people, can shape their political future and build a stronger democracy for all.



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