Thank you for your interest in the Citizen Election Report: Navigating Nigeria’s Political Journey. This comprehensive ebook offers an in-depth analysis and exploration of Nigeria’s political scene from 1999 to 2023, providing valuable insights into the country’s electoral processes, challenges, and opportunities. It’ll also equip you with all you need to know to actively participate in shaping Nigeria’s future.

What You’ll Find in the Citizen Election Report:

  1. Historical Overview: Gain a deep understanding of Nigeria’s political evolution since the start of the Fourth Republic in 1999.
  2. Election Analysis: Dive into the analysis of presidential, national assembly, governorship, and state assembly elections held during this period. Understand the electoral processes, major controversies, and their impact on governance.
  3. Youth Engagement: Discover your role as Gen Z in Nigerian politics and explore how you can drive change and shape the political landscape.
  4. Digital Reforms and New Media: Learn about the influence of multimedia and new media platforms on Nigeria’s political discourse, including the rise of fake news and the digital reform of the electoral system.

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