October 1st is Nigeria’s Independence day. Yay! We celebrated her 59th yesterday. Gurrrrl, you’re getting old! Who would have thunk it? You’ve survived without colonial rule for this long? Wow, you deserve some accolades babe!

Well, many Nigerians are saying there isn’t much to celebrate. Do we consider the heightened insecurity issues this year? Or the constant kidnappings? Or maybe the increase in food prices? The bad infrastructure, depreciating amenities, sorry state of institutions or the huge unemployment problems? If I think of how Nigeria handled the xenophobic attacks to her citizens in South Africa I can’t help but be saddened.

Apparently, I’m not alone in my thoughts. Some Nigerians also aired their grievances with our ol’ gal on social media;

Dear Rhoda, I really wonder myself. If this is independence then I don’t want again. Even countries which our dearest Nigeria helped to gain independence are now so far ahead. Isn’t this a case of the white hen doesn’t reckon that it’s old (adiye funfun o mo ara re lagba)?

Meanwhile, remember when President Buhari made pledges to climate change when asked the youth question at the 74th United Nation General Assembly? Well, Nigeria needs that climate change like yesterday! What with the potholes that causes traffic which leads to serious air pollution; there’s also the oil spills to think of. How about the constant flooding?

However, Falz, Nigerian artiste, gives Nigerians a message of hope while stating that there’s nothing presently to be joyous about in Nigeria…

Akah Nnani, Nigerian actor and media personality, is even more disgruntled about the sorry case called Nigeria…

But, you know there are some people that never say die because, what is dead may never die. So, some compatriots were very enthusiastic in their spoken word delivery. Honestly, I thought some of those spoken word videos making the rounds yesterday were just pure bullshit; except this…

Anyway, right now I’m sitting in four hours worth of snail pace traffic while writing this, so yeah, happy Independence day Nigeria. You’ve made your citizens oh so proud! You’ve also come a long way from your only problem being how to spend money to almost putting your children in penury; if not for their resilience!



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