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27- 6 – 2019

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You are cordially invited to witness the unfurling of the Bad Boys Club: Ex-governor’s edition. Please be informed that membership into this most ignominious assembly requires a looting threshold of at least a billion naira.

At its upper echelon, we have former Zamfara State Governor, Abdulaziz Yari, whose administration awarded a contract of ₦27.5 billion — twice to a single corporation for borehole projects.

There is also distinguished Senator Rochas Okorocha, the former Imo State Governor, whose administration is alleged to have made away with ₦50 billion worth of Imo State property.

In the lower ranks, we have former Bauchi Governor — Mohammed Abubakar, whose alleged loot comes in at a robust 1.2 billion, or ₦2.3bn, depending on who you’re asking.

All parties, it should be noted, have a combined bounty big enough to wipe out a sizeable chunk of the country’s current domestic debt. And these are only the former leaders that have been allegedly caught.

Now, in an entirely different bunker of his own, is former Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun, whose alleged stockpile of 1000 AK47 rifles and 4 million bullets, is the envy of guerilla combatants everywhere.

Let’s examine their antics, shall we:

Abdul’Aziz Yari With The Billion Naira Boreholes. 

Governor Yari served as Governor of Zamfara State between 2011 and 2018, during which time he was no stranger to allegations. At the peak of insecurity in the state (for which he notably resigned as Chief Security Officer), it was alleged that he moved to Abuja to safely govern the State while his people languished.

Between 2014–2018, he was also alleged to have breached the Public Procurement Act by doing business with companies not registered with the CAC. Granting contracts to at least 37 unregistered companies, some of which lacked even registered names. He is also alleged to have built a hotel with the $3 million Paris club refund.

At the end of his tenure, further allegations sprung up, that he had left behind a staggering debt profile of over ₦251.9 billion in his wake.

Keeping the ball rolling, Yari is currently facing allegations of awarding in 2018 ⁠ — a bloated contract to the tune of ₦27.5 bn to the company — China Zhonghao Nigeria Limited. This commission was for all things, the construction and drilling of 84 solar powered boreholes in the 14 LGAs of Zamfara State.

Only, for a 2018 commission, this contract is giving us a weird feeling of deja vu that just won’t go away. Because we could have sworn it was first awarded in 2013.

Oh that’s right, it just might have been.

Documents have allegedly surfaced, confirming that a contract of the same scope and cost was awarded back in 2013; with the added kicker that the project was initially valued at ₦19.3 bn, only to be marked up to ₦27.5 bn at the point of its award to the China Zhonghao company.

Can we just add that Zamfara currently holds stead as the poorest state in Nigeria? Yari denies the allegations, but giving Nigeria’s track record, this whole debacle is about to be forgotten in 5, 4, 3 …

Mohammed Abubakar Who Spent 1.2 billion On Bauchi Burials.

“I just wanted my people to look fresh to death.”

On June 24th, it was reported that the former Bauchi State Governor, you know, the same one that allegedly tried to spend 11 billion naira in 11 hours, expended a whopping ₦2.3 billion on funeral expenses in the state.

If this gives you a headache, then you are not alone, Bauchi has a largely Islamic population, whose tenets prescribe modesty in internment. So unless the governor planned on covering the funeral costs of the state in perpetuity, something does just does not add up.

In his defence, the former governor claims to have been following laid down precedents of past administrations, countering the two billion naira claim for a reduced ₦1.2 billion in funeral expenses, like a billion naira on funerals would somehow be more understandable.

Wah is really going on?

Rochas Okorocha In The 50 bn Gang.

According to the Committee on Recovery of Imo State Property (why was this originally set up?👀) about ₦50 billion worth of Imo State chattel has gone missing with the Rochas Okorocha administration. Much to my chagrin, the missing property in question is not, in fact, a portable, mobile statue, but boring stuff like 66 utility vehicles and furniture belonging to the state.


On June 24th, the election petition tribunal figuratively smacked Atiku’s hands away from sneaking a peek into INEC servers. His request to compel INEC to allow access to their ‘non-existent’ 2019 servers was rejected.

Their reason lay in the request being premature, as the tribunal is currently in the interlocutory stage, attempting to decide on whether or not servers were in existence.

The PDP presidential aspirant isn’t too bothered by any of it however, he might be laughing last yet.


Dalung’s … interview.

NYSC Certificate, who needs it? Definitely not you, future governor of whatever state.

It’s 4/20 everyday, for 10 million Nigerians at least.

Nigeria is the shittiest place to live. Literally.

Shocker: Nigerian senator charged with corruption

Those drones actually weren’t for a kidnapping themed

music video? Colour me surprised.

So What Else Has She Been Up To?

Gaining international clout! Last week, Mrs Ezekwesili held an interview with Christiane Amanpour of CNN to decry the failings of previous Nigerian governments and state the reasons for her running for president.

Her candidacy was also endorsed by the former president of Malawi- Mrs Joyce Banda who extolled Oby for giving her sound advice that made the running of a transparent government, possible.

So we have what she’s running for and why she plans on doing so, we’re just not sure of the how. Where is the detailed plan for Nigeria? We wait.

Kpa Du Kpa, 2019 Election Debates Are A Go?

Forget your Literary and Debating Society gimmicks, the Nigerian political elite is about to show you a thing or two about getting owned in debates. Mark your calendars and cancel all rocks, The Nigerian Election Debate Group (who else didn’t know we had one?) and The Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria have announced that the vice-presidential debates will hold on December 14, while the presidential debates will take place on January 19, 2019.


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