“Churches and Mosques” in Nigeria was trending on social media yesterday, June 1st. If you were swarmed with some of the other important things trending, you may have missed the announcement and the relevance of the trend: new Covid-19 guidelines were issued by the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19.

Here’s what we know about the updated guidelines:

1. Curfew

The curfew which was formerly 8pm – 6am has been moved to 10pm—4am.

2. Banks

Churches Mosques Nigeria

Banks and other companies in the financial sector are now back to normal working hours

3. Churches and Mosques in Nigeria:

Churches Mosques Nigeria

Churches and mosques can now be reopened, but this is still restricted to regular services and is based on the state governments protocols. Worshippers should wear masks, properly sanitise their hands, among other health guidelines to tackle the spread of COVID-19.

However, if churches and mosques are opening in the rest of Nigeria, this isn’t applicable to Lagos. According to the Commissioner for Home Affairs, Anofiu Elegushi, churches, mosques, and other worship centres in Lagos will remain shut due to the continued high number of coronavirus cases in the state.

However states like Akwaibom would be reopening churches from June 7.

4. Restaurants:

If you’re into fine-dining, we don’t have good news for you. According to the new guidelines, restaurants outside of hotels must remain closed for eat-in. Only take-out is allowed.

5. What about things that make your life easier and fun on a normal day?

Still closed. Here we’re talking about bars, gyms, cinemas, nightclubs and park. They’re closed until further evaluation

6. Can the kids go back to school?

Nope. All schools to remain closed until further evaluation.

7. What about social distancing?

Social distancing and all the rules of keeping safe remain intact. Wear your masks, wash your hands, use your hand sanitizers, don’t touch your face, etc.

8. What about flights?

We don’t know yet but the aviation industry has requested to be allowed to develop protocols in order for domestic flights to resume from June 21, 2020.

See more details in thread below:

Here are some reactions to the updated guidelines:



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