Madagascar’s herbal cure for Covid-19 has been in the news recently.

Madagascar's herbal cure

What is it?

Madagascar’s herbal cure, also known as COVID-organics is a drink invented by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research. It contains Artemisia, a plant on used in the fight against malaria. The president of Madagascar, President Andry Rajoelina claims that this drink cures and prevents Covid-19.

What is the World Heath Organisation saying?

WHO has advised that people do not use untested remedies for Covid-19. It has also called for clinical trials. It said only products shown to be effective through scientific study would be endorsed by them. The Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS has also dissociated itself from the medicine.

In spite of the criticism, the president of Madagascar insists that COVID-organics could prevent and cure patients infected with the virus. He believes that WHO’s criticism speaks to how they look at Africa.

How does this affect Nigerians?

Madagascar's herbal cure

On Monday, during the daily Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 briefing, it was disclosed that Nigeria was going to fly in Madagascar’s herbal cure.

According to Secretary General of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, President Buhari has given strict orders that the COVID-Organics consignment be subjected to necessary standard validation processes for medicines.

Nigeria is not alone in showing interest in COVID-Organics. Several other African countries like Tanzania, Guinea-Bissau, and the Republic of Congo have ordered COVID-Organics from Madagascar.

How have Nigerians reacted?

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria criticised this decision to import Madagascar’s Herbal Cure, saying that it is distasteful for a country that should be the leader of Africa to go this low.

Some Nigerians are questioning the need to wait for a vaccine from overseas.

Trust that some Nigerians will turn it into a joke.

Whatever the case, we do hope that the federal government knows what it’s doing. Visit Coronafacts Africa for more insights on the number of cases rising from Africa as a whole and from different countries in the continent.



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