The curfew in Nigeria was just announced by President Buhari.

Curfew Nigeria

This is in line with the President’s decision to ease the lockdown that has been on for four weeks. Starting 4th of May, we are to be indoors between 8pm and 6am every day.

Perhaps, it’s the fact that this decision sounds so ridiculous and quite unlikely to solve the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria. OR maybe it’s because Nigerians need to joke about everything and anything in order to cope. Whatever it is, there have been several wild reactions to the curfew in Nigeriaand we’re here to give you the best of the best reactions.

1. This is Corona knowing it’s about to have a good day with people back in public spaces:

2. This is Corona because it knows people ‘will’ be indoors from 8pm through to 6am:

3. Corona vibing to killing dem at a club:

4. A little morbid, but here’s one if you like dark humour as tweets:

5. Because Corona can now tell the time.

6. Corona with the chase:

7. Nothing slaps HARDER than getting home before Corona

8. Because Third Mainland Bridge has definitely missed Lagosians:

9. Lagos traffic and Corona working together:

10. Because even though we’re tired of staying at home, no one really wants to go back to work with RONA ROAMING THE STREETS:

11. And then the anxiety:

12. This one is for “essential services” – companies expected to return to work:

13. Of course the jokes will never be complete if there’s no take on the Nigerian government

14. Gotta look out for your neighbors.

My own question is: did people already see the curfew in Nigeria coming and plan these jokes and save these memes? I’m not complaining though, I having a good laugh. But on a real though, there’s a curfew in Nigeria starting 4th of May. Please stay safe.



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