It’s getting harder to enjoy the simple things of life in Nigeria, so we really need Jagaban to do something fast about the food inflation problem.

Chicken, turkey and beef have now become optional in a lot of homes, with some people saving it for special occasions only. God, abeg. Things are THAT bad, and that’s why this article exists.


What Are Your Protein Options With a ₦1k Budget?

You might not get the chewy and juicy satisfaction that beef or turkey gives, but at least, protein deficiency will have nothing on you. Bonus point if you deep fry your boiled eggs and soak them in the stew.


What Are Your Protein Options With a ₦1k Budget?

Don’t go for the regular type. Ask the market traders for “white ponmo”. It’s tastier, cleaner and sometimes comes with small chunks of beef! You should also season and boil properly before throwing in your soup.

Round fish (panla)

What Are Your Protein Options With a ₦1k Budget?

Think of how garri saves life, and you’ll come to truly appreciate this fish. With ₦1000, you can get five to eight pieces, depending on the size and market you’re buying from.

Dry red prawn

Source: 24 hours market

Best for when you’re making budget soups like ogbono, okra or egusi. A small peak milk tin of them sells for ₦500 – ₦700.


What Are Your Protein Options With a ₦1k Budget?

Source: Alice

Forget the expensive price points at restaurants and fast-food joints, crabs are one of the cheapest seafood options in the market. A thousand naira worth might even be too much for a family.

Dried crayfish

Source: Market NG

You might not get anything to chew on, but this will elevate the taste of your vegetable, ogbono or egusi soups.

Chicken feet

Source: Simply Recipes

Forget the bad PR, this is actually a great protein option you should consider whether you’re on a budget or not. The major key here is to clean and season properly.



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