21 Pictures That Show That Garri is EVERYTHING

November 5, 2015
Some people have decided to never eat garri in their lives again!
We feel very sorry for them. Garri is the most awesome food in the world! And we have the picturesย to prove it.

1. This is classic garri!!! ?

2. This is garri, the food of champions.

3. This is garri with a fake fonรฉ.


4. This is garri with kuli kuli.

5. This is garri as a balanced diet (with coconut, milk, sugar and water)… Your five a day.

6. This one is big man’s garri.

7. This is garri and akara. So divine!

8. This is garri as a topping for moin-moin.

9. This is decorated garri.

10. This is combination garri. If you’re not counting calories you can have a combination of different foods with your garri.


11. This is garri as an instant garri mix! All our problems are solved.

12. This is garri with tomato sauce and dodo. LOL this might be too much garri sha! Check out the massive bucket.

13. This one is ijekuje waiting to happen.


14. This one is oversabi garri.


15. This garri went to graduate school.

16. This is garri with classic vegetable soup.

17. With sea food vegetable soup.

18. With Okro soup.

19. With Egusi soup.

20. Or with Ogbono soup. Just to mention a few.

21. This garri has a PhD from Cairo University in Egypt.

So, how do you like your garri?

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