Before we all became alcoholics and life was a lot simpler, there were drinks that held us down on Sunday afternoons. Especially to douse the tension from the hot sun after that power-packed sermon and deliverance session by visiting Pastor Japhet Elijah (Power Must Change Hands).

Sample some of them:

1. Ice Lolly

Crunching blocked ice lolly with your teeth was an assignment. Can’t tell me nothing.

2. Zobo

Above is zobo that went to Harvard and did a post doctoral at MIT. Real zobo doesn’t sit in a glass cup. I lie?

3. Kunu

Kunu is a real g. End of.

4. Fan Yogo

Says a lot about the staying power of Fan Yogo if Micheal Essien was in on it. If you didn’t drink FanYogo as a kid or on Sunday afternoons, you’re a refugee from Chad. Can’t tell me nothing.

5. Soya Milk

Soy Milk is good milk. Certainly more nutritious than Jack Sparrow, John Snow and all the other creepy ‘Bitters’ we have out there.

We’ve also ranked Local Nigerian Drinks, Here.



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