Is your crush even a serious person if they don’t like plantain? I mean, all that elite goodness and they choose to eat what, yam? Tueh.

1. Dodo

What is life without fried plantain? Whether you want to eat it with beans, egg, or noodles, it slaps. If you want to take it a notch further, try it with bread.

2. Plantain mosa

Plantain Mosa is like the elder sister of Akara, but finer, sweeter, richer and more filling. Top it up with your favourite bottle of cold something.

3. Plantain chips

Should we start the crispyness or how busy it can keep your mouth in traffic? Plantain chips should always be in your bag as a true plantain advocate.

4. Boli

Plantain with fish sauce or groundnut hot from the grill. Very elite food if you know you know!

5. Dominos plantain pizza

What better way to treat your guests or yourself than with Dominos new (spicy) plantain pizza and plantain chops? Take your love for plantain to a whole new level. Visit Domino’s website to place an order now.


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