From owambe jollof to Lagos babe pasta and Iya Basira amala, food has proven to be more than something merely eaten to survive. It’s a love language, a coping mechanism, a way of life— God’s gift to humanity. But you can also make money from just eating, and these helpful tips will show you how.

Work as a home economics teacher

Check the meaning of “enjoyment” in the dictionary, and you’ll probably see a home economics teacher holding a big cooler of rice and jug of freshly pressed juice. This job is especially perfect if you hate cooking because all you have to do is share recipes for the students to make the meals. It’s like having a private chef, only at the end of the month, you’re the one getting paid salary. 

Work at a restaurant 

Trust us, the only reason you think working from home is better than working from the office is because you haven’t worked at a restaurant before. Because how can anyone turn down an offer to be surrounded by free food? Just be praying they don’t get plenty customers sha, so you’ll have plenty leftovers to take home. 

Become a judge on a cooking show 

This one is easy. All you have to do is sit down and wait for people to try and impress you with their cooking. If you’re hungry and the food is taking time to be ready, just remind them that their clock is ticking and watch them move at twice the speed. You also never have to worry about getting small meat because they want you to like them.

Crash a wedding 

Looking for where to find the two things you love — food and money — in one place? Try a Nigerian wedding. Dress up nice so no one will figure out you’re doing mogbo moya. After eating to your heart’s content, you can proceed to dance with the couple and pick money as people are spraying them. 

Become a content creator

Content creation is the in thing now, and you need to hop on it. Apart from the money and fame you’d enjoy as an online celeb, you also get invited to restaurants to review their menus and post about it — it’s giving food critic. But make sure you focus on the food niche, not TikTok dances and skits. 

Apply for food competitions

We’re not sure how the selection process works, but do whatever you can to be in these competitions. Not only do they give you food that’ll last you for two days, but they’ll also give you prize money if you eat it all on time. Enjoyment no pass like this.

Cook with Knorr

Imagine spending money to buy food when you can be cooking equally delicious meals in your house and getting ₦5k when you use Knorr.

Knorr has launched the Unwrap and Win Promo to reward users for basically cooking and eating foods they already love. And all you need to do is check the wrap of your Knorr seasoning cube for a hidden code, send the code to 8011 and win ₦5k cash or ₦1k airtime instantly.  

Visit the website to purchase your Knorr packs, and Instagram to follow the conversation online and secure your own urgent ₦5k.



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