Are you a young person who recently moved out? Tired of your kitchen looking desolate? Well, follow these steps to make it look just like the one you left behind in your parents house.

1) Nigerian mascot.

Diluted Morning Fresh. That’s the most Nigerian adult thing ever.

2) The gift that keeps giving.

A Nylonception. Nylon within a nylon within another one. Adulting 101.

3) Blast from the past.

Aka a black pot’s nightmare.

4) This rite of passage.

“From generation to generation…”

5) Holy trinity.

If you know, you know.

6) War relics.

Nigerian parties are wars if we are keeping it a buck. After fighting for souvenirs, it’s only right you hang them in your kitchen.

7) This welcome to adulting bowl.

Only real adults own this.

8) This OG.

For storing everything. The best anti-rodent ever.

9) The final step.

Buy this for storing your plates and cutlery. This is the final boss you have to defeat on your journey to becoming a full-blown Nigerian adult.



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