If it’s creamy, icy and from Cold Stone, then you can bet your ten fingers on these six feelings. But…only ice cream lovers can totally understand.

1. Calmness

That co-worker who always seems calm even under stress is probably a big ice cream fan. They won’t tell you the secret of course.

2. Creamtastic

What do you call the feeling you get after tasting a perfect blend of Cold Stone’s 3 new flavours; Coco-Pine Passion, Chocolate Mud Pie and Sweet Banana? Creamtastic! Order online here and get a dose of creaminess.

3. Comfort

Word on the street has it that a bowl of ice cream can make feelings of sadness, depression and heartbreak less intense. It’s like receiving a much needed hug from your fave person. One word to describe this feeling: comforting.

4. Happiness

Feeling a little blue? Leave it to chocolate flavoured ice cream like Cold Stone’s Chocolate Mud Pie – a perfect tasty blend of Cake batter and Chocolate ganache – to trigger feel-good endorphins in your brain.

5. “Highness”

This is like an advanced level of happiness. Call it the dopamine effect from a rich blend of sweetness like that of Cold Stone’s Sweet Banana Cream

, but only true ice cream lovers know this feeling too well.

Don’t believe it? Try Cold Stone’s Creamtastic Coco-Pine Passion: A perfect creamy mix of Sweet cream, pineapple and coconut chips.You’ll say we told you so!

6. Pleasure

You know you are a true cream ice stan when something as little as a scoop of ice cream sends waves of pleasure down your spine. Even orgasms no do pass like this.

Hey there ice cream lover!

Here’s good news for your tummy…

Cold Stone has 3 New Creamtastic flavours; Coco-Pine Passion, Chocolate Mud Pie and Sweet Banana for you to treat yourself to!

Breakup with stress, place your orders for the Cold Stone Creamtastic flavours online now.


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QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?



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