If you’re a Domino’s Pizza lover, then you can relate with 5 of these feelings you get when it’s time to dive into your favourite pizza flavour.

1. Anticipation

Even your smile would be different because you know something good is coming. You just can’t wait to have a taste of the Faaji feeling. God help anyone that tries to delay your order.

2. Gratitude

Whoever invented pizza and the various mouthwatering flavours like Domino’s Naija Fiesta deserves credit alerts daily.

3. Heavenly

After taking a yummy, glorious bite, you think to yourself, “This must be what angels eat in heaven.” It’s that divine!

4. Satisfaction

Nothing beats the instant satisfactory feeling that comes from eating your favourite pizza flavour.

5. Craving

As soon as you finish the first one, you immediately regret not ordering extra. What are you supposed to do with your life now?

Life’s too short to eat boring food, don’t you think? Domino’s Pizza has a new pizza flavour for your enjoyment – Naija Fiesta. This pizza is the very essence of all things Naija; its smokiness and plentiful toppings to delight your taste buds.

Click here to order the Domino’s Naija Fiesta Fiesta pizza online and join the Faaji feeling!



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