Someone said Northern Nigeria’s cuisine is the most underrated food culture in Nigeria, and I agreed instantly.

Here is a list of some of the most popular and nutritious foods you’ll find in Kaduna, particularly. As you should be able to tell, I couldn’t stop craving till the very end.

1. Tuwon Shinkafa And Miyan Tuashe

Tuwon Shinkafa is a thick pudding prepared from local rice, maize, or millet, and it is usually served with different soups, including Miyan Tuashe.

Miyan Tuashe is one of the most popular soups in Kaduna and Northern Nigeria. It is a pumpkin soup best served with Tuwon Shinkafa, Masa, and other delicacies.

2. Miyan Kuka

Miyan kuka or miyar kuka is another soup that is very popular in Kaduna State and northern Nigeria, generally.

The soup is made from powdered baobab leaves and dried okra. Best served with Dawa, Tuwon Shinkafa, or Tuo Zaafi.

See soup now…

3. Masa

Masa is a rice cake. It is made by soaking Tuwo rice in water overnight, or for at least 6 hours. The rice is then rinsed and blended before it is cooked in a special pan called the “Masa pan”.

Doesn’t this look delicious?

4. Pate Masara

Pate Masara is dried corn Jollof. It is made by boiling corn and until it is soft and the water is partially dry. After which the corn is cooked, parboiled, blended with seasoned pepper, and served hot with either spinach, pumpkin leaves, or moringa.

Just look at this beauty.

5. Gwate (or Acha Porridge)

Gwate is maize pudding that is very nutritional and even advised for the intake of babies. You can find how to make it here.

6. Burabisco

Brabusco is traditionally made couscous, and it is common to Maiduguri in Northern Nigeria, particularly. Brabusco goes well with a spicy stew with lots of meats playing daddy and mummy inside.

Burabisco is a fast meal that is also very filling.

7. Tuwon Dawa

Tuwon Dawa is ground guinea-corn made thick and solid and is eaten with soups like kuka and okra.

Firewood is best used to cook this meal as it might not get well-cooked on a kerosene stove or gas cooker.

8. Tuwon Acha

Tuwon Acha is a type of swallow made from grains that can be eaten with any type of soup.

9. Miyan Kubewa

Miyan Kubewa is another of Northern Nigeria’s glorious soups.

10. Miyan Yakuwa

Yakuwa is a leafy vegetable soup that has a sour taste. It can be cooked with either palm oil or groundnut oil and can be garnished with meat, stockfish, or any other ‘animal’.

Potash is also usually added to the soup to reduce the sour taste.

11. Fura De’Nunu

Okay, this is a drink. Fura De’Nunu is cow milk mixed with cooked and ground millet or sorghum. It is highly nutritious and can be taken as a whole meal.



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