On Saturday, May 11, 2024, Zikoko, in partnership with OneBank by Sterling, brought Lagos to life with an electrifying festival of music, games and camaraderie at Muri Okunola Park. Strings Attached was a celebration of oneness, friendship and love, uniting people from all walks of life under one vibrant canopy of joy.

From the moment the gates opened at 4 p.m., the air was charged with excitement despite the heavy downpour earlier in the day. Friends, families and lovers streamed in, eager to experience the magic of Strings Attached. And magic it was indeed.

Live performances from our music faves

The heart of Strings Attached beat with the rhythm of Lagos culture, pulsating through the performances of some of our most talented artists. As night fell, Johnny Drille, Fave, Qing Madi, Dwin the Stoic, Aramide, and more, graced the stage, serenading the crowd with soulful melodies and infectious beats. Each performance was a testament to the richness and diversity of Nigerian music, captivating the audience and inspiring moments of shared joy and connection.

Fun, fashion and prizes

But Strings Attached wasn’t just about the music; it was about forging new connections and strengthening existing ones. The festival buzzed with activities designed to spark friendships and deepen bonds. Speed dating sessions provided an opportunity for singles to mingle, while games and pretty photo booths at the “love garden” brought all the cool kids in the coolest fits together making fun content and spreading camaraderie. Whether they came with their squad or flew solo, Strings Attached ensured there was something for everyone.

Let’s not forget the thrilling competitions that kept the adrenaline pumping and the laughter flowing. From interactive challenges to spin-the-wheel giveaways, lucky winners walked away with awesome prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement.

The refreshments and their vendors

No festival is complete without delicious food and refreshing drinks, and Strings Attached delivered on all fronts. Local vendors like Ansabari Food, King Glab Cuisine, Sawari Cocktails, Coco Berry Treats, Kingla, Uso Ndu and more served up mouthwatering meals that ranged from traditional Nigerian delicacies like jollof, nkwobi, palm wine, small chops to international treats like waffles, barbeque, stirfry and fries. With drinks flowing freely, the party never stopped.

Our partners did giveaway…

They made it a top priority to treat festivalgoers to fun activities and freebies and made sure they had the best time possible.

OneBank by Sterling played a pivotal role in bringing Strings Attached to life. As the event’s primary partner, OneBank’s commitment to community-building and empowerment shone through every aspect of the festival. From offering free tickets to all attendees to hosting engaging activities at the One Experience Centre and giving out free iced zobo, OneBank created an immersive experience that went beyond banking. Their presence added depth to the festival’s message of oneness, showcasing how tangible and intangible links can foster strong communities. 

Indomie, a beloved household name in Nigeria, brought a taste of nostalgia and comfort to Strings Attached with their delicious noodles. As one of the event’s partners, Indomie treated attendees to fun activities and free noodle meals. Their presence not only satisfied appetites but also evoked fond memories and brought people together over a shared love for good food and good times.

Flying Fish infused Strings Attached with a refreshing burst of flavour, enhancing the festival’s vibrant atmosphere with free cups of beer. As a partner of the event, Flying Fish ensured that attendees stayed cool and hydrated throughout the day, offering a welcome respite from the Lagos heat. From zesty lemon to tropical fruit flavours, their selection of drinks catered to every taste. With Flying Fish by their side, festival-goers danced, laughed and celebrated with enthusiasm, savouring every sip and embracing the spirit of joy and spontaneity that defines the Flying Fish brand.

CafeOne brought a touch of sophistication and elegance to Strings Attached, elevating the festival experience with their premium coffee and gourmet treats. As a partner of the event, CafeOne offered attendees a chance to indulge in a moment of luxury amidst the festivities, providing a cosy oasis where they could relax and recharge. From expertly crafted espressos to decadent pastries, Strings Attached became not just a community festival, but a multi-sensory celebration of life’s simple pleasures.

What festivalgoers are saying

“Organise this type of event more often”

“I’m mostly not a social person and was sceptical of how much I would enjoy the event if I attended but I’m really happy I did, it was so much fun and I’m grateful I got to enjoy all that for free thanks to ZIKOKO and Onebank.”

“I don’t know if this is the first edition, but it did not feel like it. The event was really good and well organised! I had a great time. From the organisation to the artiste line-up; I would give it a solid 9/10. That DJ was fire!!!!!! She’s who she thinks she is.”

“Best outdoor/ park party I have ever attended. Onebank team did a great job.”

In a world where division and discord often dominate the headlines, Strings Attached served as a powerful reminder of the importance of unity and togetherness in multiple ways. As the sun set on Muri Okunola Park and the final notes of music faded into the night led by N.A.T.E’s final hyping, the spirit of Strings Attached lingered on. Memories were made, connections were forged and hearts were lifted. 



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