Vertical Rave, the trailblazing event that has become synonymous with Nigeria’s vibrant rave culture, took center stage in Lagos for its highly anticipated second edition in Deceber 2023. Ashluxe, a leading brand, proudly served as the frontline sponsor, contributing to the undeniable success of an evening that showcased the pinnacle of music, fashion, and entertainment.

Vertical Rave has emerged as a cornerstone in championing Nigeria’s unique rave culture, setting new benchmarks and redefining the immersive event landscape. The innovative concept of merging music, fashion, and entertainment within a vertical setting has positioned Vertical Rave as a cultural phenomenon and a driving force behind the evolving rave scene in Nigeria.

The event transcended musical boundaries, bringing together enthusiasts of various genres. Even those less inclined towards alte music found themselves enchanted by the impromptu collaboration between Blackbonez and Jeriq, highlighting Vertical Rave’s commitment to celebrating the diversity within Nigeria’s music landscape.

Beyond the beats, Vertical Rave provided a platform for brands such as Quacktails, NBDA, and Vintage9ja to shine, emphasizing the event’s role in fostering collaborations and supporting local businesses within the Nigerian rave culture.

As rave enthusiasts eagerly anticipate #VR2024, Vertical Rave cements its status as a trendsetter, steering Nigeria’s rave culture into new and exciting territories. The magic of Vertical Rave extends beyond a singular event; it represents a movement that brings together like-minded individuals who share a passion for music, fashion, and entertainment.



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