ABUJA, Nigeria – The highly anticipated Tech Unwind Abuja returned for its second edition on December 2nd, bringing together the country’s top tech talents for an unforgettable night of networking, entertainment, and innovation. The event was followed by an exclusive Mixer with Innovators on December 3rd, allowing select attendees to connect with some of the industry’s biggest movers and shakers.  

Sponsored by @ourhavenhq and @noones.app and powered by @yellowlyfevents, this year’s Tech Unwind saw attendees from across the tech ecosystem unite at Barlance in the heart of Nigeria’s capital. The atmosphere was electric as guests networked over drinks and music provided by leading DJs. 

“The energy at this year’s Unwind Abuja was lit,” said Seyi Olaniyan, founder of YellowLyfe Events. “It’s so inspiring to see Nigeria’s tech community come together to celebrate innovation and collaborate. The Mixer with Innovators event allowed for even deeper connections to be made that will shape the future of technology in this country.”

The event was made possible with support from media partners @blueprintafric247, @abujakulture, @choplyfe.ng, @shutter_slate, @technextdotng, @techcloutafrica, and @zikokomag.

With its exciting activities, top-tier sponsors, and niched attendees from tech ecosystem, Tech Unwind has cemented itself as one of the country’s premier tech events. This highly anticipated yearly gathering demonstrates the incredible momentum and potential of Nigeria’s rapidly growing startup ecosystem.

While, Dec 3rd, we hosted an executive mixer where we gather innovators, CEOs, Founders, to connect,and  network. Also, we were able to give 10 startup founders to give an elevator pitch to the audience during the event ( BrandDrive, OurHaven, FifhtenElement, SparkAfrica among others )  and this mixer event was supported by Fifth Element, OurHaven and AfricaExpoTechnology.

YellowLyfe is already looking ahead, using the momentum from The Unwind Fest to expand the event one city at a time.  Excitement is building for more events to continue celebrating innovation, foster collaboration and bringing people together.

What to expect in 2024;

We are expanding to other countries like London, Nairobi, Accra, and at least 10 cities in Nigeria. We look forward to fruitful partnerships to make this come to reality.

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About Tech Unwind

Tech Unwind is a Fun Tech event that aims to connect and celebrate the tech community in a relaxed setting. The events provide a platform for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and innovators to share ideas, collaborate, and learn from each other.

About Yellowlyfe

Yellowlyfe is a 360 lifestyle brand at the forefront of designing, planning, and executing memorable experiences. With a holistic approach to lifestyle curation, Yellowlyfe has become synonymous with innovative events that not only entertain but also enrich lives.

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