Rida, having disrupted Nigeria’s transportation sector with its unique bargaining feature has recorded massive success operating in Abuja and Lagos. 

In line with the service’s expansion plans, it is excited to announce that the app is now operational in the bustling cities of Benin and Port Harcourt Nigeria.

Rewarding fare control to our customers and drivers is only part of our commitment to redefine ride-hailing. Rida does not charge drivers absolutely any commission. Each fare, reached by mutual agreement, is fully received by the driver, ensuring they get just compensation for their services. Drivers have the freedom to set fees, screen nearby rides and preview routes, and accept only their preferred trip requests. As such, they are given back the power over their time and compensation, without the fear of being penalized.

Rida also encourages its passengers to set a realistic price based on Rida’s pre-approved  minimum rates. Those are based on a range of factors including statistics, day of the week, time of the day, traffic conditions and official pricing of local ride-hailing services. On average, passengers will be able to save up to 30 percent on their trips when compared to other platforms. 

What makes Rida different? Rida doesn’t compromise passenger safety in its bid to provide a more flexible and affordable ride-hailing option. Its impressive suite of in-app safety features ensures that riders feel safe while traveling. The features include real-time ride tracking, easy access emergency contacts, and an SOS button. Additionally, Rida is committed to the thorough vetting of each driver, undergoing background checks and ongoing evaluations to guarantee consistent and reliable service.

Now, residents in other cities in Nigeria can enjoy the Rida experience. Rida has started operating in Benin and Port Harcourt and invites users to download their app here bit.ly/newrida

Osi Osikhena, Rida CEO stated, “We are excited about launching more cities in Nigeria. Port Harcourt and Benin present fantastic opportunities to support local economies and provide a much-needed service that benefits everyone involved, from riders to drivers.”

Recently, Rida has also obtained a license for operations in Lagos, issued by state authorities. With a commitment to providing affordable, safe, and convenient transportation while ensuring maximum satisfaction for all stakeholders, it reigns as a revolutionary ride-hailing platform for all Nigeria. Its groundbreaking model of zero commission for drivers and price negotiation feature for riders sets it apart in the transportation landscape.

Join the Rida revolution now. Download the Rida app from the App Store or Google Play Store today and enjoy the convenience, safety, and financial freedom it affords bit.ly/newrida



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