Bloc, the fintech sensation, just dropped its latest flex, and trust us, it’s looking to be a game-changer for Nigerian businesses! Imagine banking that’s not just about boring transactions but a whole vibe, bringing your hustle to the global stage. Bloc is here to “finish work,” and it’s about to be the hottest thing for every young entrepreneur out there!

All The Tea on Bloc Business Banking

Bloc has this new thing called Bloc Business Banking, and it’s nothing like a regular bank account. Think of it as the VIP treatment for your business, powered by big names like Bloc Microfinance Bank (I mean, of course!), Providus Bank, and Sterling Bank, with the service making provision for virtual cards, USD accounts, and the power to accept payments worldwide. 

For the past two years, Bloc has been the secret sauce for startups, making their financial game strong, and now, with Bloc Business Banking, they’re about to be your business BFF, helping you stay ahead in the world of banking and financial services.

Getting In on the Bloc Action!

Once you’re ready to level up, all you need to so is head over to, just drop some small info, and that’s it You’re on your way to financial greatness. Verify your business (because we don’t do catfishing here), and boom, you’re officially part of the cool fintech club.

It’s a BLOC-buster Future!

Edmund Olotu, the CEO and brain behind Bloc, is all about making dreams come true for businesses looking to sign up with Bloc. He says, ” We understand the challenges businesses face when managing their finances, and we think we can do a great job helping them do it seamlessly.” As an API magician, Bloc is all about making finance easy for every business, from the little ones to the big shots.

And it looks like there’s no limit to what Bloc can do for its customers, as Edmund goes on to say that, ” We’ll do all we can to keep them happy, opening doors globally to best-in-class tools for growth, accessing capital, and offering financial services to their customers “

Bloc Becomes the Coolest in Town!

Move over regular banks; Bloc is here to snatch the crown. They’re already calling themselves the “Mercury Bank + Unit for Nigerian Businesses,” and we’re here for it. After all, what they’re doing is not just banking; it’s like having your own personal financial superhero, helping you with everything from local hustle to global domination.

What’s Next on The Bloc?

Jerry Enebeli, Chief Product Officer and the mastermind behind Bloc’s cool features, spills the tea that it’s just the beginning and user feedback will be most welcome. The business banking party is live and popping, and they’re dropping a mobile app in Q1 2024. Can you say, ‘Hello, future?’

Tech lover or business guru, Bloc MFB is the new plug for your banking needs. Say goodbye to the old and boring; sign up now at and let’s vibe into the next chapter of financial awesomeness!

About Bloc

Bloc is a financial technology company that provides global banking services and API infrastructure to African startups and non-tech organisations that want to grow their revenue and be a part of the global market.

To learn more about us, visit our website:


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