Today, we’re putting three popular phone models against each other to find the best budget friendly gaming smartphone: Infinix, Samsung, and Xiaomi. The Infinix HOT 40 will be compared with the Samsung A05S, and Redmi 12 while the Infinix HOT 40 Pro will be compared with Samsung A15, and Redmi Note 12. Each device, positioned in an accessible price segment, showcases its own set of strengths.  However, when compared across key parameters, who will emerge as the strongest contender, especially for users prioritizing battery power, fast charging, gaming performance and advanced camera capabilities? Let’s compare their features:


Both the Infinix Hot 40 and Redmi 12 are powered by the MediaTek Helio G88 processor, known for its efficiency and strong gaming performance. However, the Infinix Hot 40 has an advantage with its XBOOST Gaming Engine, enhancing the gaming experience. In contrast, the Samsung A05S, equipped with the Snapdragon 680 chipset, falls a bit behind in this regard. For gamers and multitaskers, the Infinix Hot 40 leads with its gaming optimizations, making it a preferable choice over its competitors.

In terms of platform and performance, the HOT 40 Pro is competitive, offering a newer version of Android and gaming-specific enhancements that would appeal more to gaming enthusiasts. Equipped with the Helio G99 processor and XBOOST Gaming Engine, the HOT 40 Pro is on par with the Samsung A15, but offers a better gaming experience than the Redmi Note 12’s Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 processor. Infinix’s XBOOST gaming engine offers seamless frame-by-frame performance. During gameplay, a simple left swipe accesses a tactical panel for one-click optimization, ensuring a stable gaming experience.


The Infinix HOT 40 and HOT 40 Pro excel with high-resolution and feature-rich setups. The HOT 40 Pro, with its 108MP main camera, notably outshines the Samsung A15 and Redmi Note 12, which have 50MP and 48MP main cameras, respectively. The additional 2MP macro and 0.08MP auxiliary lenses in the HOT 40 Pro enhance its versatility. Quad-LED flash, HDR, and panorama features, coupled with 1440p video capability, make it outstanding for picture lovers. Meanwhile, the HOT 40’s 50MP Triple AI Camera offers high-resolution photography and a range of features like Quad-LED flash, HDR, and panorama. Its video capability reaches 1440p at 30fps and surpasses the camera capabilities of the Samsung A05S and Redmi 12, both equipped with a 50MP main camera but lack the video resolution and advanced features of the Hot 40. Overall, both Infinix models outshine its rivals with its higher resolution and advanced camera features.


Samsung A15 and Redmi Note 12, both feature 13MP front cameras with HDR and 1080p video recording. These cameras provide standard selfie quality but lack the higher resolution of the Infinix HOT 40 and HOT 40 Pro. Enhanced with dual-LED flash and 1080p video recording, the HOT 40 Pro is a leader in selfie camera performance, with its 32MP front camera, offering clearer and more detailed selfies compared to the Samsung A15 and Redmi Note 12.

The HOT 40 matches the HOT 40 Pro with its 32MP front camera, significantly outperforming the front cameras of the Samsung A05S and Redmi 12 in resolution and image quality, positioning the Infinix Hot 40 as a top choice for selfie enthusiasts.


Both Infinix Hot 40 and Redmi 12 feature a similar 90Hz refresh rate on their nearly 6.8-inch displays, offering smooth visuals. However, the HOT 40 stands out with its Super Fluid Display and the unique Magic Ring feature, providing enhanced user interaction and smart experience capabilities. The Samsung A05S has a lower screen-to-body ratio and does not match the display quality of the Hot 40.

While the Samsung A15’s Super AMOLED display offers a 90Hz refresh rate which is no match for HOT 40 Pro’s 120Hz. The Redmi Note 12 also offers 120Hz refresh rate, however, the HOT 40 Pro’s added Magic Ring technology gives it an edge ensuring users enjoy a highly responsive and smooth visual experience, during gaming and/or media consumption. The Super-Touch Display with Magic Ring also ensures you effortlessly stay informed about face unlock, charging progress, voice calls, etc.

Overall, the Infinix HOT 40 and HOT 40 Pro displays provide superior user interaction and visual smoothness, outperforming their competitors.


All smartphones in this category (HOT 40, HOT 40 Pro, Samsung A15, Xiaomi Redmi Note 12, Samsung A05S, and Redmi 12) boast a 5,000mAh battery, but Infinix stands out in charging speed. The Infinix Hot 40 and HOT 40 Pro both offer 33W fast charging, significantly reducing charging time. In comparison, the Samsung A05S and Redmi 12 offer slower charging speeds of 25W and 18W, respectively. Similarly, the Samsung A15’s 25W charging lags behind the Infinix HOT 40 series.

Again, the Infinix HOT 40 models emerge as clear leaders, offering both longevity and efficiency in battery performance.

Other Features:

HOT 40 Pro: Its Metamaterial Gaming Network Technology provides an enhanced gaming experience with better connectivity, a feature absent in its competitors. The HOT 40 Pro’s Metamaterial Gaming Network Technology is a standout feature not found in the other two models- Samsung A15 and Redmi Note 12.


While all smartphones- Infinix HOT 40, Hot 40 Pro, Samsung A15, A05S, Xiaomi Redmi Note 12, and Redmi 12 each bring unique features to the table, the Infinix HOT 40 series emerges as a strong contender, especially for users prioritizing advanced camera capabilities, fast charging, and gaming performance. The Infinix HOT 40 series offers several distinctive features that set it apart from its competitors. The processor, coupled with the XBOOST Gaming Engine, gives it an edge in performance, especially for gaming. The standout feature of the Infinix Hot 40 series is its 33W fast charging, which significantly surpasses its competitors.



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