Since time immemorial, people that made names for themselves in the public sphere have either been worshipped, loathed or deemed heroes. But most of all—scrutinized. After all, with vast influence and exposure comes great responsibility.

Think controversial Egyptian queen Cleopatra or 20th century prima donna Maria Callas. In the modern day, the roles that people like Callas represent are fulfilled by celebrities like the Kardashians, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, and even politicians.

These famous personalities are known to have given up the chance for a ‘normal life’. However, it is not as if they sign up as public figures without knowing the consequences of it. Obviously, they are aware that choosing the limelight as superstars constitutes a lifelong lack of privacy; and so they try their best to keep their sanity by staying indoors when work hours are over.

This serves to amplify the celebrity’s ‘mystery factor’ and pushes people to become even more intrigued, to try to find out what goes on behind the curtains, and this becomes a major factor to drive media consumption in the press. No wonder being mysterious is used as a strategic move to make an up and coming celebrity become even more famous(—and it works!) As a result, they become the subject of various, intensive research projects. This article is one such, except it will focus on suggesting ideas for a project that will further help dissect the culture and mechanics of celebrity life.

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When it comes to research, you might be excited by its topic. However, you also might be scared by its complexity. Sometimes, students have no idea how to approach such an extraordinary task as a research project on celebrities. If you are in a similar situation, don’t worry! Below, you can find some great ideas on how to complete this assignment. Keep reading!

Local celebrities

If you don’t know what kind of famous people you can analyze, think about your local community. For sure, in every town, even the smallest one, there are famous individuals. And oftentimes, their life stories are very interesting! So you can create a project on a celebrity who was born in your area. What’s more, if their relatives are still living in your town or village, you can interview them. It would be great to add your own photos of a celebrity’s birthplace or their school. Note that a research paper on a famous local resident can teach you about the history of your own town.

People you like

If you don’t know what celebrity to choose for your project, the most obvious thing to do is to pick a famous person you admire. Besides, you can research someone to whose life you can relate somehow. For example, if you struggle with a learning disability, you can find out what celebrities have overcome the same challenges. There must be famous people who share something in common with you, even if it’s dyslexia or ADHD. If you love sports, like baseball or football, you can do a research project about a famous athlete. Believe it or not, a common passion or challenge can make it more fun to learn about a famous person.

A list of celebrities

If you can’t decide on one particular person to research, why not put together a list of celebrities who have something in common? The criteria shouldn’t necessarily be something serious. For example, you may pick such a common thread as  “famous people who have blonde hair” or “celebrities who experimented with tattoos.” You can compile your list in an unusual format that makes sense for your particular subject. To make it look more interesting, create a slideshow with nice photos and design.

A few more research ideas:

● A Study on Celebrity Beauty Brands (This will focus on the trend of celebrities starting their own makeup, clothes, and fragrance brands and how it affects pop culture.)

● Celebrities and Versatility in their Roles (Real life, onscreen, etc.)

● The Celebrity’s Persona: Sustainable or…?

● The Question on Celebrities Becoming Irrelevant (Do they really?)

● The ‘Child Star Curse’ (Why do most child celebrities fail to ‘grow up’ in the eyes of the audience, and thus become irrelevant in mainstream media overtime?)

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Cameron Debenham is writer, academic expert and researcher. He works mainly for students, helping them get enrolled in top US institutions. Cameron is also a big fan of celebrities, which is the reason why he focuses his research around them.


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