I’ve always thought that habits, good or bad, are formed only with intention. But as a young adult, I’m beginning to realize that you can definitely get yourself into trouble with unconscious actions. Too much English, abi? What I’m simply trying to say is you can ‘use your own hands to do yourself’. Even worse, this happens more often with money than you realize, and I’m a living example. So in 2024, I’ve decided not to gree for anybody, not even myself!

Last year, my personal finances were a mess because I agreed to a lot of things, both from internal and external forces (IYKYK). From cheat days away from my budget and paying black tax – which is even legal, to carelessly sorting the area boys of the neighborhood. I was dashing people money out like one Odogwu who had plenty more where it came from. This, right here is what even gave me a major reality check, and before you ask why, let me give you my valid answer. I was just trying to save my life.

I started working onsite as a software developer in March last year, and I don’t know what I did to trigger the street guys at my bus stop on my way back from the office one night. To be honest, I think they had been watching me for a while, but this experience in particular was scary as I worked late into the night and got to the bus stop at around 10 pm. I noticed some men following me as I strolled, and when I picked up my pace, they did as well. Thankfully, I got to my street, but this time, they were closing up on me, until one of their leaders who stayed around, chased them away. I was so relieved, and to show my appreciation, I gave him money which he excitedly made into a habit, hailing me and asking for more whenever he saw me. I wouldn’t even argue because I felt indebted to him. 

But when my bank, gomoney sent me my financial wrap up which is basically a summary of my money moves in 2023, I noticed I had a track record of withdrawing the same amount every week for transport, lunch and groceries, but there just seemed to be a percentage I couldn’t account for and I didn’t like that one bit. After calculating it properly, I realized this percentage went to my Egbon Adugbo, and it aggregated to almost ₦100,000. I screamed and laughed at myself thoroughly because how do I live in a self-contained apartment and still have the luxury of giving someone that much. I’m still beating myself up for it.  

Another thing my wrap-up revealed was how much I saved. I can’t even tell you because I’m not proud of myself. I recklessly upgraded gadgets and gave my siblings allowances and school fees even when it was clear I couldn’t afford to. 

All in all, my 2023 money moves lacked intentionality but at the same time, were full of decisions I made mostly out of emotions. It’s crazy but I’m glad because now, I have a clearer picture of what my personal finances can be like, so making the needed adjustments is easier. 

I’m optimistic that my 2024 is going to be better with the help of my gomoney app! I’m going to start budgeting and saving a set amount every month on my goStash, tracking expenses weekly with the reporting tool, and splitting the bill with my friends when necessary. As for my hero a.k.a Egbon Adugbo, I’m going to have to find an alternative route to my street to avoid him or have a scary candid conversation. Wish me luck o, as I no fit fight

And before I forget, no impulse buying. If I’m going to indulge, I’m going to bargain. Cheers to a financially prudent year with smart purposeful money moves!



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