In a resounding success, Bet9ja Foundation’s Young Executive Program (YEP) recently concluded its intensive two-day training event across Lagos, Abuja, Enugu and Benin leaving a lasting impact on the lives of young adults in Nigeria. This was a transformative journey, aimed at equipping participants with essential skills and knowledge for success in today’s competitive job market, which was implemented across four locations, welcoming speakers and enthusiastic young talents.

Esteemed speakers from diverse professional backgrounds graced Bet9ja Foundation’s Young Executive Program (YEP) during its events in October and November, delivering impactful insights and wisdom to aspiring young talents across Nigeria. In Lagos, luminaries like Raymond Adeyemi, Head of Sales at Mango Asset Management, and Obinna Igwebuike, Partner at Sawubona Advisory & Climate Policy & Strategy Consultant, shared invaluable knowledge. The program extended to Abuja, featuring speakers like Cynthia E. Chisom, MD/CEO of Aboki Africa, and Lawal Karimah, a Social Media strategist. Enugu welcomed speakers including Williams Adelegan, Google digital skills trainer, and Brainerd Odiete, Partner, Africa Strategy Advisers. The Benin event featured notable speakers like Stephen Osawaru, Senior Special Assistant to the Edo State Governor. Their collective expertise enriched the YEP experience, leaving a lasting impact on the participants’ career development and skills enhancement.

The successful conclusion of the two-day live masterclass event is a testament to the Bet9ja Foundation’s unwavering commitment to the future of the Nigerian youth. Through dynamic, interactive masterclasses and a diverse line-up of speakers, the program has left an indelible mark on the lives of its participants.  Ada Cuomo, Trustee and Vice President of Bet9ja Foundation highlighted the dynamic nature of the program and the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to empowering the Nigerian youth. It is the Foundation’s vision for YEP to serve as a push for meaningful change, aiming to equip young talents with skills that not only ensure success in the current job market but also contribute to building a future with fewer unemployed Nigerian youths.

The program’s transformative influence on participating youth is evident in their enhanced skills and expanded knowledge, setting them on a trajectory for success in the competitive job market. Beyond individual growth, YEP contributes significantly to the economic landscape of Nigeria by nurturing a pool of skilled and motivated young professionals. As these empowered individuals enter various sectors, they facilitate innovation and productivity, fostering a positive ripple effect on the nation’s overall economic development.

For more information about Bet9ja Foundation and its initiatives, please visit our website at The YEP is just one example of our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities in the regions we serve.



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