The future might seem far away, but it really isn’t. Tomorrow is closer than we think and the only way to take control of it is by preparing for it today. A good place to start is  with B.SC programmes the Nigerian University of Technology and Management are offering.

Computer science

If the goal is to become a tech bro/babe, you’re in the right place When you study computer science at NUTM you’re not just learning about computer hardware or software and systems, you also get a holistic education and learn things like venture creation,critical thinking, problem-solving and public speaking . With a degree in computer science you get a handful of jobs like software development, AI engineering, character animation to pick from upon graduation.

Cyber security

With a degree in cyber security, you get the opportunity to cosplay as a modern day superhero, protecting individuals’ and companies’ data from hackers and cyber terrorists while being paid big bucks. At NUTM you’ll learn from Ivy League and Russel group universities, gain hands-on experience on a company’s project through a six-week internship, and get a chance  to build a venture from scratch.

Information technology

A degree in information technology allows you to learn transferable skills that’ll help you use computer systems, networks and software to optimise the  business operations of organisations.. 

With NUTM’s  commitment to advancing education in technology, entrepreneurship and design in Africa and the approval of the NUC, Nigerian University of Technology and Management is the place for you to prepare for your future. 

You can start your journey to a better tomorrow by applying for admission to their undergraduate programs today.




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