Ask your friends studying in the UK. It’s not all fun and vibes. They can relate to most, if not all of the struggle on this list.

1. The slangs

Bruh, what the heck does “ledge” and “innit” even mean? Hay God.

2. The weather

Everywhere will just be cold and wet. They should have kuku said it’s inside freezer you’re coming to study.

3. The constant homesickness

“Hard guy or gal”, until you find yourself missing your mother in the middle of the night. Tuff.

4. Everyone thinks you’re flexing

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5. Travelling costs

The return ticket alone can give you instant heart attack. It looks like witchcraft will be the best option at this point. You better take advantage of the FREE back to school ticket by Kyshi or get a discount.

6. Phone calls

See, just make WhatsApp and Zoom your best friend, because those call charges are from hell.

7. Sending/receiving money

As if your money struggle in Nigeria isn’t enough. Now, you’re in a foreign country and it looks like e your village people have swallowed the money.

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