Nigerian lecturers are not the most loved set of people. However, we feel that these categories of lecturers deserve that coveted heavenly ticket.

1) Lecturers that tell us the part of the lecture notes to read.

Not the ones that’ll give area of concentration that will end in tears.

2) The lecturers that don’t take attendance.

We the association of class skipping people are grateful.

3) God specially bless those who review and upgrade results.

“Lecturer xx says they are upgrading from 45.”

4) The lecturers who don’t spend one minute longer than their time in class.

Blessed are they who do not shalaye after their hour has been exhausted. For they shall inherit the kingdom of Zikoko.

5) The lecturer that doesn’t use you to do their own project.

I prefer not to speak.

6) Blessings to the ones that organize revision classes close to exams.

Those classes have been saving class stabbers since 2011.

7) The lecturer that is generally approachable and isn’t somehow.

Especially when they are your course adviser and you’re having difficulties with school.

8) Special blessings to the ones that share lecture notes so you don’t have to write.

Unlike some that treat their lecture notes like the best thing since daddy Bubu’s first campaign.


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