Every Postgraduate Student Will Relate to These Questions 

Postgraduate study is a different ball game from undergraduate. First off, you’re either funding it by keeping up a demanding day job or you have parents who expect to yield greater ROI compared to when they funded your undergraduate study. 

Whatever group you fall under, your academic journey is not complete if you don’t find yourself asking these questions along the way.

“Who send me?”

This question hits you during the first few weeks of your study period. You’ll start to think about how you had a perfect life before you single handedly voted to complicate it.

“Will I fail?”

Every Postgraduate Student Will Relate to These Questions 

Months into the program, you’ll come to the realisation that keeping a day job and running a master’s program at the same time is not a child’s play. You don’t feel like quitting yet, but you’re having multiple doubts about making that distinction.

“Should I resign?”

This question creeps into your mind when your day job attempts to sabotage your academics. But you also know resignation isn’t an option because your bills won’t sort themselves.

“Should I drop out?”

Every Postgraduate Student Will Relate to These Questions 

At this point, you’re ready to throw in the towel because your supervisor is after your life. You don’t care that people will call you a loser and you don’t give a flying fuck about the opinions of your coursemates. At least, you have a strong BSc.

“What’s really in this life?”

Every Postgraduate Student Will Relate to These Questions 

This question comes months after you psyched yourself up the first time. But you now regret your actions because both your academic work and day job are pointless to you. You just want to be a living thing in God’s good earth without any worries. 

“Will this be worth it?”

You’re close to the finish line, done with your coursework, wrapping up your thesis and reminiscing about all the times you almost called it quits. So you genuinely want to know if this academic investment that almost took your life will yield results. 

“Will you attend my convocation?”

You finally made it to the finish line, and you’re like the happy child with a new toy. You’re tempted to extend an invitation to your enemies because they must witness how you made it to the finish line.

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