Group assignments are chill or nightmares, depending on the student you’re asking. These assignments involve students with different personalities to band together and work. This is a list of students you’re likely to find in a group.

The enthusiastic group leader

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They always want to be the group head, like they’re getting paid for it. The assignment is theirs to do, as far as they’re concerned, and they carry it on their head as if they would die if it isn’t done. 

The confused member

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They never get what the assignment is about. The first question they ask at every group meeting is “What’s the assignment about again?” in its many variations.

The hater

They condemn everybody’s contributions and ideas, but the thing is they never make any. They are just there to disrupt the progress of the group.

The noisemaker

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These people think they’re helping, but in reality, most of what they say has little value. They are just words.

The sulker

Their heart is in a good place and they think they have a lot to contribute, but when their idea is rejected, they don’t take their L calmly. Their energy changes and they start sulking.

The unassuming genius

They are usually quiet and listen to everything that goes on during the group meetings. But when they speak, their ideas are absolutely bang-on. They are usually the saviours of the group.

The Ghost

They don’t attend the group meetings or make any contribution. However, you will see them on the presentation day.

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