The three most certain things in this life: death, taxes and NYSC Local Government Inspectors (LGIs) making your life a living hell. Nigerian civil servants are the masters at stressing people’s lives for no good reason. 

Here are a few things NYSC LGIs really need to understand

No one: NYSC LGIs

1. Corpers aren’t the cause of your life problems

Whatever is going on in your life isn’t the cause of that poor corps member. Put your issues aside and handle your job professionally and with kindness, like a human being. There’s no reward for being wicked. 

2. If you do your job, you won’t die

What will kill you is the accumulation of all the curses from the corpers you’ve stressed. Doing your job well and effectively will surely not kill you. 

3. Any parent that gives their child a headache will also have a headache

If you like, make it your life’s mission to give corpers a headache, you too, you’ll surely receive a headache. What goes around comes around and your own headache will be double. Better calm down if you want to live a long life. 

4. Life doesn’t begin and end at that job

If you think you’re the almighty God because of that yeye job, we need to let you know that life doesn’t begin and end at that job. The wickedness you’re doing to corpers will surely meet you in front. 

5. NYSC is only year-long; corp members are still going to jam you in front

Do you really think corpers have short term memory and won’t remember to deck you when they’re done with their service year? Don’t be shocked if you’re walking on the road one day and a random person slaps you. It’s not a slap; it’s your reward. Smh.

6. One bad deed deserves another

Any bad thing you do as an NYSC LGI is going to meet you in front. The superstitious Nigerian in me really needs to let you know that one day, you will be at the mercy of a corp member you treated badly. 

7. You aren’t special because you’re doing a job you hate

Hating your job doesn’t make you special; it makes us mates. Corpers hate their jobs too, but they don’t go around making other people’s lives miserable.


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