13 Tweets About Sex Toys That’ll Make You Realize Nigerians Are Not As Shy As You’d Think

Nigerians can form!

But it’s not our fault sha. It’s a result of too much eyeing from our parents.

One topic Nigerians like to form about is sex. They’ll be forming Innocent Idibia meanwhile their own worse pass.

But the following tweets about sex toys is proof that Nigerians are not so shy when it comes to sex and other kinky stuff, they just prefer to tweet about it.

1. The hidden meaning in this is just too painful to think about!

2. But…why???

3. Ngbo? Yoruba movie directors, if you’re guilty raise your hand.

4. Ah, Chukkie, eleyi ma gidi gaan…

5. But why are you peepu like dis?

6. But why is your mind like this?

7. For birthday gift again? Issorai!

8. That’s how this one just spoiled someone’s whole song.

9. Chukkie! Again?!!

10. Cucumbers? Rocks? Come on people!

11. Ehwu! Firewood?

12. But is it your celibate?

Nigerians, I’m done with y’all.

So from all we’ve learned about Nigerians with these tweets, here is a post on 15 hilariously horrifying things we’re very sure a Nigerian would say during sex:

You Nigerians are just one kind, I’m leaving this country to go back to Ekiti. BYEE!!