Nigerians. Buhari. Buhari’s P.R team. Medical visits. Long ago, Nigerians lived together in some form of harmony, then everything changed when Buhari’s P.R team attacked. Only the President(Buhari), master of matters of national importance, could correct this impression, but when Nigerians needed him the most, he vanished. A couple of days passed and Nigerians have discovered […]

In case you missed it, President Buhari is at the ongoing 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and as expected he made a speech, which seemed to hit all the right notes-strangely enough, knowing Daddy Bubu’s track record. We thought there would be zero drama but alas, Buhari proved himself to be a longstanding drama […]

For someone who outwardly appears to hate the moniker “Baba Go-Slow”, our President Bubucakes is doing the most to prove how very fitting the reference is. Despite our president taking his sweet time with many projects (electricity, security, any other -itys really), the issue for today lies in his hard-to-understand delay in nominating ministers to […]

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