Growing older means having friends scattered far away, and in some cases across the world. If you’re looking for ways to help you maintain those long-distance friendships, you’ve come to the right place. 

Save their country’s time zone and national holidays on your phone 

For people trying to navigate long-distance that cuts across time zones, you should try saving the country’s time and holidays calendar on your phone. That way you have an understanding of some references they bring up. Lass lass, if the friendship eventually scattered, you’ve learnt something new. 

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Sync your calendars and create a mini schedule of their day

Have a general idea of what they get up to during the day so you’d figure out times to catch up that doesn’t require your schedules to clash. Imagine trying to video call your friend as they’re about to perform surgery? 

Don’t miss out on any free time 

Whatever opportunity you both have to spend together either virtually or physically should be snatched up like dollars. They won’t come as often as you’d like, but when they do, hoard it like Nigerian officials hoard palliatives

Schedule check-ins with each another

Sometimes, there just isn’t any free time, so the best bet you have is to make some. It could be anything from five minutes to one hour of your day, but the sacrifice is worth the time. 

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Pick a method of communication that works for both of you

You should choose apps that you both spend enough time on and can communicate seamlessly. This way, you can stay in touch.

We have the internet, use it

There are so many hacks, links and plug-ins that allow you to share content with the people you care about. You can watch videos with them, play games and also share the music you’re currently listening to. If data prices are going to keep rising, might as well make spend it on your friendship. 



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