Nigerian artists have invested greatly in the South African Amapiano sound, infusing Afrobeats elements and giving the world unforgettable jams. So if you fail this Amapiano quiz as a Nigerian, pack your things and go find your real country.

Complete these lyrics: "I'm happy, I know, Amapiano, _________"

What Naija Amapiano song recently got removed from streaming sites. It rhymes with "Alagba, faraway"?

What spot in Lagos is popularly known for throwing Amapiano parties?

As a Nigerian, what's your expected response to "No matter where you go, remember the road that'll lead you home"

Which artist was the face of Nigerian Amapiano in 2023?

Which Nigerian song did CAF play to celebrate South Africa when they scored against Morocco in a 2024 AFCON match?

Which Nigerian artist introduced the Amapiano sound to DJ Maphorisa?

Who did Davido feature on "Champion Sound"?

Who made the club-banging "Ameno Amapiano"?

Complete this sentence: "You wanna bamba, ______"

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