Here are 9 quizzes for Geography experts. If you’re truly one, you shouldn’t have any problem acing them.

1. QUIZ: Only Smart Nigerians Can Score 20/25 On This A-Z Geography Quiz

How many Nigerian cities and states do you know from A-Z? Get up to 20 on this quiz to prove you’re smart.

N.B: The answer to every question will begin with the giant alphabet right above it

2. QUIZ: Only True Nigerians Will Ace This Nigerian Tribes Quiz

Can you tell which of these tribes can be found in Nigeria and which are made up? Give it a try.

3. QUIZ: How Many Nigerian State Capitals Can You Name In 2 Minutes?

How well do you know the 36 Nigerian state capitals and their capitals? Prove yourself.

4. QUIZ: Only Efikos Can Name 10 Countries That Start With “B” In 1 Minute

There are 17 countries in the world that start with “B”. How many can you name before the timer runs out?

5. QUIZ: Only Geography Experts Can Score 10/13 On This Continent Quiz

Can you match the countries to their continent? Give it a try.

6. QUIZ: How Well Do You Know West Africa?

You think you know West Africa? Take this quiz to prove how well you do.

7. QUIZ: Only Efikos Can Score 8/11 On This African General Knowledge Quiz

Last week, we tested your knowledge of West Africa with this quiz. This week, we decided to take it to Africa as a whole. Get at least 8 questions right to show us that you’re an efiko.

8. QUIZ: Only The Smartest People Will Get To The End Of This Geography Quiz

If you’re smart, this quiz should be easy for you.

9. QUIZ: Only Geniuses Can Ace This African Geography Quiz

Think you’re a genius? Ace this African Geography quiz to prove it. Go on.


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