Ultimate Love Day 43: Jay And Aunty Checked Out Of Love Pad

March 23, 2020

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Everything that happened on Ultimate Love Day 43

It’s was a double check out at the live show on Day 43. Aside JayKech leaving, as most expected, Aunty surprisingly checked out as well. It was quite an emotinal night, but the game must go on.

Unfortunately, Jay didn’t get his pound of flesh:

Told y’all Jay spent the whole of yesterday scheming and plotting on how to hit the people who nominated him back. Anyway, he was checked out few minutes before the nomination process. God don’t like ugly bro, he doesn’t. Good thing is they left with five hundred thousand Naira and some gifts in their Portmanteau to share.

Aunty officially checked out too:

I don’t know if it’s COVID19 related or just how the show was scripted but Aunty said her final goodbyes to the couples and viewers last night.

It was quite emotional but Aunty had to practice social distancing and didn’t allow any of them hug or touch her. Those ones don’t know it’s because of the pandemic that’s in town, they probably think Aunty is forming hard babe.

Chivia and Bolar are the first couple to make it to final week! 

All the Couples except Chivia and Bolar are up for possible check out this week, as they both have one nomination each. No Monday Mission this week, so magnanimous Aunty won’t be saving any couple. Voting lines also opened two days earlier than usual. 

Everyone lives happily ever after, or this is just temporary?

Aunty’s final speech probably reminded them of why they left their houses for the love pad and they they now realize that they’ve wasted precious time on irrelevant things like gossiping and discussing nominations. Presh and Rosie cried and hugged the bad energy away, because clearly, they’ve both been foolish for too long. Fighting and keeping malice because of David and his 7 dread locs. Girls, really?

The day ended with them eating, drinking, spending time with their loved ones in the Jacuzzi, and Arnold doing what he knows how to do best – Slander Bolanle, his partner. 

For the umpteenth time my dears, men will disgrace you. That’s it for Ultimate Love Day 43.

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