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Everything that happened on Ultimate Love day 33

It’s day 33 of me waiting and hoping that this show will get better, but it’s disappointment upon disappointment. I had high hopes for this show and it’s really below expectation. I don’t want to believe this is how boring relationships are in Nigeria.

If the producers won’t look into some of the problems I’m about to rant about, they might as well not come back next year. We’ll manage our ships like that.

Let’s start with the biggest problem on this show: Aunty!

Ultimate Love day 33

Aunty reminds me of the typical Aunty in every Nigerian family. They swear men can’t be wrong, and incompatibility doesn’t exist to them. There are many examples of her taking sides with the men and making the women work on relationships that belongs in the trash can. (Bolanle and Arnold).

There are also some couples that are not compatible (Obi and Ebi), and I can’t believe Aunty is yet to see it after having like 4 sessions with each of these couples. Aunty need to stop being insensitive to the women while pampering the men. 

Then these boring tasks that don’t belong on a dating show:

Why are they always learning some traditional dance or culture when they don’t don’t even know their partner’s state of origin? Why are they learning pottery and bead making?

All these tasks reminds me of that annoying SAED program we did in NYSC camp. It’s not like anyone would die if they do something fun with their partners. Example is the games night, when they wanted to beat themselves up because of current affairs. Less of all these boring games, abeg.

Ultimate Love day 33

Can we have Professional marriage counselors or relationship experts?

I’m back on Aunty’s case again, and she will deal with my complains. She’s not professionally equipped to handle the things she’s handling in that house. Leave patriarchy aside, Aunty doesn’t  even know how to resolve conflict between couples. She comes off as insensitive. If they’re coming back for another season, then they need a relationship expert or a marriage counselor to handle these weekly couple session abeg .

That’s enough for Ultimate Love Day 33. When you come back tomorrow, you’ll see more of these complaints. Let us help them do better next season.

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