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The Love Guests got messages and advice from home, and a lot of these messages made me cringe so hard. It only made me realise why a lot of people are stuck in toxic or abusive marriages. Some of these advice are the real ghetto. 0/100, won’t recommend for these love guests to follow them.

Nigerian parents always doing the most

The parents gave some real ghetto advice like: “Be submissive to your man and make sure you take care of him.” Man that she met two weeks ago or another one, ma? God abeg.

Theresa has been appointed Iyke’s caretaker. All the best sis.

And there were the parents referring to their children’s partners as their in-laws. LMAOOO. I need Nigerian parents to do better.

Jerry’s aunt thinks he should work things out with Sylvia, but mummy will be fine because Jerryton ti wa online. 

Everything is wrong with ObiEbi relationship.

Abusive is one word that describes Obi and Ebi’s relationship, and Obi is the abusive partner.

It’s only been two weeks, but Obi is already letting Ebi know that she has to lose weight to make him happy, and she’s not allowed to spend her own money on things he considers to be frivolities, until they have acquired properties. Lmaooo I’ve seen it all on Beyoncé’s Internet. 

Drama…. As in, stage play.

There was another drama presentation. Love Guests had the opportunity of wearing the adire they made. It was so much fun!

Ready for the Live Show!

Final set of pairings, swaps (if there will be any swap), and live nomination will happen this night. I can’t wait to see the couples who’ll be up for eviction tomorrow!

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