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Yesterday, I gave you all the information you need to know about Ultimate Love. Today, I’m giving you all the details about the guests.

But first, the opening ceremony:

The evening started off with Dakore and Oluwaseun introducing the 16 Love Guests and Aunty Adesuwa to viewers. Each love guest had a family member at the opening ceremony, who had parting words for them. From Theresa’s mother who told her daughter not to have sex in the house, and Jenny Koko’s dad who told her to keep her morals in the house, I’m afraid we have on our hands on women who’ll be doing too much not to disgrace their families.

I didn’t sign up for a moral instruction reality TV show, please.

The BBN house was revamped and redecorated to be used as the Love pad. The men and women have seperate rooms, but the way I’m looking at it, these ones will soon scatter the arrangement and start cohabiting. 

First Task

The evening started off with a speed dating task, but some love guests confused me totally. Kachi was advertising the scar fading cream he sells to potential bae and Obichukwu was discussing family foundation issues with babe. It’s called speed dating for a reason dears, it’s not that deep.

Iyke and Theresa appeared to be really compatible and people rooted for them, short term and long term. (stay with me guys, I have a surprise for you).

Bolanle didn’t waste any time with Arnold at all. My Yoruba queen started shooting sharply, because, you snooze you lose. She asked one of the most important questions first – genotype. She then ended their speed dating by asking Arnold if she could call him. Are you guys learning? 

Temporary pairing for 24 hours 

After the speed dating, the ladies were to pick their male partners for the next 24 hours; each couple got matching brooches.

Bolanle picked her partner first, she picked Arnold. I told you this babe is sharp. Their fans are now looking for a cute name to give the relationship. Barnold? Bolanorld?  Bolarn? What do you guys suggest? Once this is sorted, we might move to aso-ebi colours.  

Back to Theresa and Iyke, sigh. Theresa picked Obichukwu, a business man that wants a woman that will understand him beyond love, which left a lot of Theresa and Iyke stans disappointed. Anyway, this is temporary, so there’s still hope for Theresa and Iyke.

Chris picked Jay. Chris is a woman, by the way. Her mother called her Ada at the opening show, but she prefers Chris, because it’s manly – her words, not mine. Interesting thing about Chris: she has an accent that’s left viewers confused.

Rosie picked Kachi. She’s looking for a man that can pamper her more than her dad does, and a man that can leave his work to sit with her while she gets her hair done. I worry for Rosie though, because the men in the house are looking for women that can hold things down in the house, while building their empires and conglomerates. 

Remember that Theresa disappointed us all by picking Obichukwu, instead of Iyke. Well, Theresa is not doing us because Ebi picked Iyke. We’ll see how that goes.

JennyKoko, who, by the way cried because she misses daddy chose Loius

Nkechi picked David Wilson; they’re taking things slow, but I think they’re feeling each other. Again, this is all temporary, so time will tell.

This Morning

Make up all gone, I almost didn’t recognise Chris and Bolanle this morning. But moving on to more important gist:


Aunty was at the  love pad very briefly this morning. I know that the show has barely started, but aunty be doing too much already. She’s there to help them find their perfect partner by offering experienced advice and all that, not act as a chaperon to men and women mostly in their 30’s.

Anyway, Aunty won’t be back in the house until wednesday. Ope oh!

Progress Report on the 24 hours Pairing 

Bolanle and Arnold are getting to know each other, and they’re moving pretty fast. They are talking about each other’s family, early childhood, etc.  It’s looking like they are ready to die on each other’s matter in this love pad. I’m not seeing the problem though. I hope they get paired together again, long term.

Theresa is still very much interested in Iyke; this babe used scope to drag Iyke out of the room while he was in the room with Jenny Koko. She was sha able to finesse a compliment or two out of the poor guy. Theresa, you’re not sleek, okay? As if that’s not enough, she isn’t connecting well with the partner she chose. You can’t connect dear, you left the person you connected with the most.

Iyke and Ebi finally talked. I don’t know if Ebi is feeling Iyke but Iyke is clearly not feeling her. Homeboy keeps following Theresa. The heart wants what the heart wants. 

Nkechi and David Wilson aren’t doing badly. Two quiet people moving at their own pace.

Meanwhile Louis would rather be a third wheeler than put effort into knowing Jenny Koko, his partner.

The Love Guests made a roaster for cooking and cleaning. The roles aren’t gendered, they will all be involved in cooking and cleaning equally. 

Feminists – 1 Patriarchy – 0

Weekly task

They have a task for this week already, and it will be presented at the festival night on Saturday. As a BBN veteran, I’ll miss the Saturday night parties, but I can’t wait to see what the festival is like.

Every day at 5 pm, we’ll publish a new update on this show – complete with the drama, the awwns and the ehyas. You can read old updates, predictions and analysis here. Stick around!


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