For the people who don’t know, Madam Koi Koi is an African urban legend. If you like, you can also call her an imaginary ghost who comes out at night to terrorise hallways and dormitories in boarding schools. It’s said that her brand is unmistakable: she wears a pair of red shoes or just one heel.

This year, Nollywood is bringing back this feared ghost of the past, but in a cinematic way. Although some people will find out about Madam Koi Koi for the first time, this picture might provide answers to the scary narratives that have circulated for years.

So far, this is everything to know about Nollywood’s Madam Koi Koi project.

The Origin: Madam Koi Koi

From the title of this picture, The Origin: Madam Koi Koi, we’ll likely see how Koi Koi came to be what she is. We have no doubt this is a horror flick though.

It is produced by Display Universal and Marturion Media

Display Universal is under the leadership of Nigerian filmmaker and author Jay Franklyn Jituboh.

While Display Universal may not be a popular name yet, they’re the production team behind the new African Magic original, Direct Message. Moreover, the company’s sound department handled the sound design of the Nigerian TV show, Blood Sister.

Marturion Media is an entertainment content production company headed by Nigerian filmmaker Michael. W. Ndiomu.

Also, The Origin: Madam Koi Koi will be distributed by FilmOne Entertainment.

Franklyn and Boladale

The story of The Origin: Madam Koi Koi was written (and also directed) by Jay Franklyn Jituboh (Keeping Up, Caught), and Boladale Falola (She, Mr. and Mrs. A), the head writer at Display Universal.

Set in the 1990s

From the images Display Universal posted on their IG page, The Origin: Madam Koi Koi is set sometime in the 1990s. If we take the cue and go by the hashtag, #Malomo1991, that follows all the Madam Koi Koi film posts on Display Universal and Jay Franklyn’s IG pages — the events likely happened in the year 1991. We don’t know if “Malomo” is a person or town’s name, but we shall find out when the film comes out.

Cast members

This film will feature known faces like Ireti Doyle (playing the catholic school principal) and Deyemi Okanlawon (murder inspector). The Origin: Madam Koi Koi

also boasts of more professionals like Kevin T. Solomon (Cloud Nine), Omowunmi Dada (Ayinla), Ejiro Onojaife (Brotherhood) and Martha Ehinome (The Pretty Ones Are the Loneliest).

This is a solid cast. Don’t play.

Production is wrapped

The filming of The Origin: Madam Koi Koi began on May 15th, 2022 and also ended in the same year. The filming was handled by Amarachukwu ‘Maara’ Udoezika (Alone, The Perfect Arrangement, Badboys and Bridesmaid) and Idowu Adedapo (Road to Yesterday, King of Thieves, King of Boys).

Release date

This film’s first teaser came out on October 17th, 2023. Also, the full movie will debut and start showing on Netflix on October 31st.

Please, do quick and drop release date, Uncle Jay Franklyn.

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