Many Nollywood movies have over-flogged scripts, unclear plots and flawed storytelling, but we also have those that bring Nigerian stories closer to us than books ever can.

A potential specimen of the latter is the forthcoming film, ’77. Here’s all you should know about it.

What’s ’77?

’77 is a movie about the events surrounding the Festac ’77 Arts and Culture Festival organised by the Nigerian government and UNESCO in 1977. It was the biggest Pan-African gathering at the time, and the reason why Festac Village and National Theatre in Lagos exist.

Izu Ojukwu directed it

Izu Ojukwu has more than 20 directorial credits to his name. Sitanda won him the Best Director, Best Picture and Best Nigerian Film awards at the 3rd African Movie Academy Awards in 2007. He’s famously known for works like Amina (2021) and ’76 (2016).

A sequel to ’76?

The upcoming ’77 is shaping up to be a sequel to Izu’s 2016 ’76 film. ’76 focused on a young soldier who was incriminated in the failed 1976 military coup. ’77 will be about the world’s second black and African art and culture festival.

There’s a numerical pattern

At this point, it’s time to ask why Izu Ojukwu is obsessed with numbers. 4:4:44 (2022), ’76 (2016), and now, ’77

Release date

The first teaser dropped on August 22, 2023, but no news about the release date yet. 

“Festac Is Not Just A Town In Lagos”

As seen at in the film teaser: “Festac Is Not Just A Town In Lagos”. We didn’t even know Festac is a town but the movie will give some insight into the popular Festac town in Lagos. Who knows what we’ll find out?

Who’ll be in it?

Daniel K. Daniel is set to star in this historical film. In an interview with the Vanguard in December 2022, the actor revealed they’d finished filming ’77. Well, let’s have it.



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