In July 2022, Nigerian film director and producer, Niyi Akinmolayan promised that the 2023 July-August school holiday will not go by without a family and children film from him.

On May 27, 2023, he made good on this promise, releasing the film’s teaser on Youtube.

About two weeks later, he announced that the film of the holiday is here. Here is everything we know about this kids/family movie.

The film is titled MIKOLO

From the movie trailer, Mikolo is a mythical large blue bird. It’s interesting that the kids aren’t scared of something that can appear and disappear. I thought we all believed in juju?

It’s a fantasy film

Although no one saw the snake that swallowed JAMB money, it’s safe to say supernatural things happen daily in Naija. So what if Mikolo gives an experience and expands our imagination?

Shot in Ondo state

We’ll get to see the Sunshine State shine as a Nollywood location material in Mikolo. It’s not drone shots of Ikoyi-link bridge every time.

Features adult actors

The film also stars popular actors like Yvonne Jegede, Ayo Mogaji and Femi Adebayo. Now that you know there’ll be some adult actors in it, you might as well go and give your inner child some fun.

Produced by Anthill 

Mikolo was produced by Anthill Studios, one of Africa’s biggest animation companies. The same company produced Nollywood films like The Wedding Party 2, Prophetess, The House of Secrets and the forthcoming Jagun Jagun

Coming with a finished soundtrack album

Finally, little kids will have their own party jams — for the kids by the kids. The music accompanying the film was performed by child actor Pamilerin Ayodeji (Lizard, Gangs of Lagos). Glad to see the youngster landing important roles in the industry.

In cinemas August 18

The film will be released on 18th August, 2023. The kids will be on holiday then. We’ve given you a sure update, your kid’s fun is now in your hands.


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