What makes a good TV show? Is it the acting? Writers who run on crack and coffee? Or the show’s official theme song? Here at Zikoko, we’d like to say: all of the above. While some shows have given us memorable characters and scenes, the shows on this list have given us all of that and some iconic intros as well. These are the shows with kick-ass intros we’re certain you can’t get enough of. 

1. Everyday People 

Everyday People was a staple on our TVs back in the early 2000s. And while it introduced us to a pre-disappointment Desmond Elliot, the show is also famous for a theme song reminding us that after everything is said and done, we’re all ordinary people and we don’t know which way to go—oh crap, wrong song. 

2. Game of Thrones 

Remember when Game of Thrones was so big nothing on TV could rival it? Everyone was talking about white walkers, dragons and incest like crazy. Even though the finale had the same flavour as cold pap, the theme song with the sick ass violins slapped from beginning to the very end.

3. Super Story 

We miss the days when 8 p.m on Thursdays were strictly reserved for one thing and one thing only, Super Story. While Wale Adenuga may have said, “We’re nothing but pencils in the hands of the creator,” the truth is, deep down, we were pencils in his (Adenuga’s) own hands because this show’s theme song had its foot on our necks back in the day. 

4. Friends 

The Friends’ intro songwarned us from the start. Its opening line was literally, “So no one told you life was gonna be this way,” but instead of stopping to think and digest that line, we were busy clapping up and down. Well, life has started to jam all of us one by one. But just like the song said, when you have good friends, everything will be alright. You may be broke and stressed o, but still alright last last. 

5. Dear Mother 

Dear Mother was way ahead of its time. While it focused on a a single mother navigating life and career while raising three crazy kids, the real rockstar of this show is the woman behind the iconic vocals that welcomed us every time the show started. They don’t make shows or intro songs like this no more.

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6. Passions 

Does anyone truly understand what Passions was about? Even though the characters all lived in a fictional town called Harmony, they saw nothing but chaos. In the midst of this chaos is the mushy love song that starts the show every episode. Giving early 2000s Dido, this song would’ve been a big hit if it had dropped as a single. A forever bop. 

7. Fuji House of Commotion 

Fuji House of Commotion had the wildest characters and scenes — remember when they asked the third wife to use her tongue to count her teeth? Even though the show ended a while ago, we still can’t get over its hilarious intro song.  Admit it, you’re singing, “Number three is commotion…” right now.

8. Succession 

White people being filthy rich, messy and dramatic is probably our favourite brand of white people white-peopling. Even though the intro song is just a score with no lyrics, something about how creepy it sounds just has a way of holding your attention from start to finish. It also makes for a great ringtone. 

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