Time flies. The 90s kids that grew up watching Wale Adenuga Production’s Super Story are now someone’s parents, married, tight in a seat with capitalism or all three. 

Super Story was more than family drama and moral lessons; it was a cultural staple that kept Nigerian households up and glued to the TV from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday nights. 

Remembering this popular TV series makes nostalgia hit like a tidal wave. But thanks to YouTube, the legend of Super Story lives on, and we can still watch them again without NEPA’s interference. If you’re looking for something to binge-watch today, here’s a list of seven evergreen episodes from Super Story in no particular order.

Oh, Father! Oh Daughter!

In the first season of Super Story,  an unemployed Suara convinces his wife, Abike, to sleep with the wealthy businessman to secure a job Sobowale). Suara got the job abe began cheating on his wife with a happening babe who eventually shows Suara the spiciest shege of his life.

One Bad Apple

This one is a story of good and evil focusing on Corporal Francis, a corrupt police officer who wields his powers to terrorise the people of Gbede town. From extortion and bribery to justice alteration, no one is free from Francis and his sergeants, who have no idea that a secret police officer has been planted to rattle their criminal den.

The series features veteran actors like Kehinde Bankole and Wale Adebayo, popularly known as Sango.

Too Blind to See

Too Blind to See is a fascinating tale of betrayal and revenge. A wealthy lady called Genevieve falls into the hands of gold-diggers disguised as a friend (Tina) and a lover (Francis) attracted to her billion-naira inheritance. Unyielding to caution and advice, the smitten Genevieve takes a long while to realise that her man and friend are using her. If you’re also a fan of Kelechi Udegbe, you can’t miss his performance here.

The Grasscutter

This story is a profound social commentary on sex-for-marks. A married university lecturer pesters his female students for sex and fails them if they refuse. But he soon runs into his waterloo after having his way with a particular student who claims that she’s been cursed and any man who sleeps with her automatically shares in it. Has he bitten more than he can chew? Will the curse be lifted? Will the shameless lecturer die and make his innocent, pregnant wife a widow? You’re in an exciting throwback treat.

No Pain, No Gain

A lady named Bose gets pregnant after a sexual abuse incident and is pushed to the streets by her employers. Her daughterIreti, didn’t have a smooth life either until she got married to a doctor. Ireti, too, gives birth to a daughter, Ronke, who falls in love with an unsuspecting gold-digger who’s after her family business. Zack Orji, Jide Kosoko, Rachael Oniga and Claron Chukwuma are cast members of No Pain, No Gain.

The Secret

This season of Super Story is a love and crime story that follows the married life of Segun and Efe. The wife, Efe, tries her hardest to make a faithful husband and better man out of her partner. Will Efe’s efforts be in vain or not? I recommend The Secret to people in relationships.


A man called Mr Wiliki kills  a young Nnenna in a hit-and-run. Little does he know the revenge from beyond is inescapable. The determined ghost of Nnenna and her troubled friend Akin roam the streets of Lagos to avenge her death. No sinner goes unpunished.

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