First of all, we are dragging Biggie through the streets of Multichoice for straight-up lying to us without fear. There was NO twist in tonight’s eviction so what was he on about?
Now that we have that out of the way, here are 15 hilarious tweets that tell what people really think about BBNaija Ozo’s eviction;

1. Unfortunately a lot of voters don’t agree.

2. Big brother scammed us.

3. LMAO!

4. Some video footage in case you didn’t get the message.

5. LOL! You people are so rude!

7. Omo!

8. Save a seat for me sis.

9. Very surprised because who have we been watching for 8 weeks?

10. And we want nothing but the chaos.

11. Who is saying “Amen” to this?

12. Dragggg them.

13. LOL! So rude!

14. LMAO!

15. God abeg.

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