A new season of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) is coming soon and stans are already raving hard. God, abeg.

The organisers are taking a different spin with what’s set to be the first BBNaija All-Stars season. Since there are rumours that some of our faves will be making a comeback, it’s only right to take a trip down memory lane and see the kind of drama we can anticipate in an all-star house. Let’s get into the chaos. 

Ceec’s epic return (BBNaija Double Wahala, 2018)

This is arguably one of the top ten moments in BBNaija history and it’s not number two to ten. Tobi, Miracle, Alex and Nina were celebrating their finalist status when Ceec pulled an epic entrance on them. They never saw it coming.

Bisola’s April fool prank (BBNaija See Gobbe, 2017)

Ex-housemates have pulled off pranks in Biggie’s house before, but they’d have to take an acting class from Bisola Aiyeola to do anything that comes remotely close to hers. She connived with Biggie to fake an eviction and boy, she ate up that announcement scene and fellow housemates were shaking.

Tacha and Mercy’s fight (BBNaija Pepper Dem, 2019)

Tacha and Mercy gave prime Eucharia Anunobi and Clarion Chukwura Abuja Connection energy in the house. Things reached a tipping point when they had a nasty faceoff that had Tacha getting physical and eventually disqualified from the season. Tacha started the fight after verbally attacking Mercy for keeping the house waiting during a task briefing.

Lucy’s dramatic exit, (BBNaija Lockdown, 2020)

“Bye, it was a pleasure”. Show me a more iconic exit in the history of the Big Brother franchise, I’ll wait. Lucy wasn’t having any of the backbiting and scheming that was going on in the house. She knew other housemates didn’t like her. There was no point sharing fake hugs and kisses with the same people who put her up for eviction.

Pere’s military-styled address (BBNaija: Shine Ya Eyes, 2021)

Shortly after emerging Head of House (HOH), Pere rounded up the housemates and gave them a military-style dressing down. His message: “Disrespect me as a person but the emblem on my neck signifies authority. So there will be no disrespect as long as I’m Head of House.” No HOH in the history of BBNaija has touched this level of audacity.

Erica and Laycon’s fight (BBNaija Lockdown, 2020)

You know some serious shit went down if a fight in Biggie’s house ends up with one party getting disqualified. Erica, under the influence of alcohol, verbally attacked Laycon for peddling a narrative that she liked him. “I will beat Laycon if I was not on two strikes. I don’t care if I am disqualified.” 

Khloe and Anto’s return (BBNaija Pepper Dem, 2018)

Second chances are rare in Biggie’s house but during the 2018 season, fans were given the chance to send two ex-housemates back in the house. Khloe and Anto snuck into the house some minutes past 3am while housemates were asleep and some viewers were wide awake.

Saga’s emotional meltdown (BBNaija Shine Ya Eyes, 2021)

Saga the lover boy had an epic emotional meltdown after his love interest, Nini, mysteriously disappeared from the house.  He was even ready to take his exit from the show meanwhile Nini was watching him lose his shit from a secret room the entire time.

Bisola and Tboss’ fight over food (BBNaija See Gobbe, 2017)

Some of the most chaotic fights in the BBNaija house started  from the kitchen, and honestly, we get it—food is a serious matter. Bisola was making French Toast for breakfast and Tboss who had had enough of it prodded her with many questions. Things went downhill from there with that moment driving an “aggressive person” narrative about Bisola. 

Nengi and Ozoh’s eviction kiss (BBNaija Lockdown, 2020)

COVID had us in a fix in 2020 but it doesn’t come close to the chokehold the Lockdown season had on viewers. Ozo, who had spent his entire stay fawning over Nengi, thought he was going to at least get a goodbye kiss after he got evicted. She, respectfully, swerved and dodged the kiss.

Tolani Baj and Kae3na’s (BBNaija Lockdown, 2020)


There’s no bad bitch energy in BBNaija’s history that matches this iconic squabble between Tolani Baj and Kae3na. The ladies had a nasty fight after Kae3na refused to serve Tbaj when she asked for food. 

Bambam and Teddy’s toilet scene (BBNaija, Double Wahala, 2018)

Hot sex goes down in the Big Brother house even though the housemates double down when Ebuka asks his famous probing questions. BamBam and Teddy A couldn’t escape the cameras when they went at it in the toilet. This scene caused chaos on Twitter NG but had the same people swooning when they tied the knot a few months after the show ended.



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