Nigerians on X were caught up on drawing the most hilarious scenarios from the old money, new money conversation throughout last week. But is a topic even worth discussing if it hasn’t made for premium Nollywood home video content?

A Nollywood Guide to Understanding Old and New Money

If you still don’t have a full grasp of the topic, these Nollywood productions will make clear the difference between old and new money.

The Wedding Party | Old Money

Obianuju Onwuka (Ireti Doyle) describing Dunni Coker (Adesua Etomi), daughter of wealthy business tycoons, as a “native house girl from Ekiti state” is all the explanation you need as to why it isn’t just about the cash for old money folks. Do you have pedigree?

Living in Bondage | New Money

New money is fast, loud and noisy. When you show up, you have to show off. You can only get their attention when you pull up to a  family meeting or casual get-together in a Ferrari, Porsche 911 Carrera or Lexus GX, just like in this movie.

Bling Lagosians | Old Money

Old money folks don’t care if you wear designers. The question is, are you wearing the latest season? In Bling Lagosians, friends drag Mopelola Holloway for wearing Ituen Basi of three seasons ago. God, abeg.

Simi, No Forget | Old Money

Marriage is a big deal for old-money folks. If you plan to marry one of them, prepare to answer questions like: “Who are your parents?” and “What is your pedigree?”

Chief Daddy |Old Money

There’s always a great-granddaddy or grandaddy who has every member of the family set up for life with his will, like Chief Beecroft in Chief Daddy. Are you beginning to get the picture? Old money folks don’t even have to work; they do it for the sake of it.

King of Boys |New Money

New money folks of today are the old money folks of tomorrow, which is why politics is important to them. New money parents are either running for office, sponsoring a political party or setting their wards up for a political appointment. In Alhaja Eniola Salami’s (Sola Sobowale) case, she wanted to run for governor but was outsmarted.

Blood Sisters | New Money

It’s hard, and I mean extremely hard, to marry into old money, but folks can occasionally get lucky with new money. Mind you, if it happens, new money parents will make it crystal clear they don’t give a fuck about you or your family. Just like in the dining scene, where Uduak Ademola (Kate Henshaw) shows no regard for her potential in-laws. 

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