Biggie’s money is a lot of cash, most especially in the Nigeria of today. But the way these All-Stars housemates are moving, it’s clear they’ve finished the cash without even leaving the BBNaija house.

White Money

White Money cooked A LOT of food during his stay in the house. He even cooked jollof rice right before his eviction on Sunday. Unfortunately, his cooking skills and Ghana-Must-Go tactics didn’t favour him this season. If Biggie hadn’t sent him home, he might’ve told him to start paying for anything he eats in the house.


She wears so many luxury designers in the house. Biggie has even seized some because they went against his rule to not wear branded items. If Mercy wins again, we already know where the money is going. Even Moniepoint’s game cash won’t be enough for her.


This guy is the best at cooking spicy noodles with plenty orishirishi. We doubt Biggie would’ve given him that huge sum without deducting his Indomie budget.


Doyin woke up every day in the house and was all glammed up. We all know that it costs an arm and a leg ordinarily. Biggie’s money can only keep her all glammed up and looking pretty for a short amount of time.


Angel has told us about her expensive Van Cleef and Cartier bracelets countless times. We all know these aren’t cheap. If Biggie’s money touches her hand, that money will go straight into her bracelet stacks before she even gets home.


What will ₦120m do for a billionaire’s kid? He said his plan was to share the prize money with people. Money hasn’t even landed, and Kidd Waya has spent it all. In the same group as 9-5ers that spend salaries before it drops. Kidd can still keep his money-sharing promise if he plays and wins the Moniepoint app games.


Even if Pere wins this BBNaija All-Stars, Biggie would use his prize money to repair every property he’s damaged — from the wall he dented to the mattresses he flipped during his altercation with Alex.


This bro came to Biggie’s house to work out. Is Biggie’s money enough to purchase the whole gym set he’ll need when he leaves? Our advice? Soma should play Moniepoint’s game for the money to complete it.


She’s the queen of all the lush wigs in Biggie’s house. Wigs of different colours and sizes, Uriel whipped out at least two per day. Do the math. The way they now cost the same as a plot of land in VGC, can ₦120 million cover that many wigs?


While your faves are in the house playing a game and fighting to get their bag (the 120m), nothing should stop yours too. Get the Moniepoint app and also play a game to get a bag, but from the comfort of your home. Zero stress.

Abi you don’t like money? A free one at that.



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